Importance of meditation in karate explained
   Date :21-Apr-2021

Importance of meditation_
Principal Correspondent :
MEDITATION and mind body co-ordination is very important in karate. The topic was explained by Kyoshi SVS Murugesh, Black Belt 7th Dan, Nanadan, National Chief Instructor and Examiner, Karate Budokan International, Tamil Nadu and Renshi Sanjay Athavale, National Chief Instructor and Examiner Wellness Facilitation (Karate Budokan International, Mumbai, Maharashtra) during the ongoing online Karate and Sports Seminar being conducted by Karate Budokan International (Vidarbha Region). The event is being hosted by Kyoshi Harish B Choube, Black Belt 7th Dan (Nanadan) National Chief Instructor and Examiner Karate Budokan International. Renshi Athavale told about meditation, mind body coordination, positive affirmations.
“Meditation is a process of mind dynamics, where we look inwards; on the thought process of our own, the respiration and other passive body movements and certain positive affirmations or wishes,” he explained. In this session, basic meditation process was explained and participants were encouraged to perform the same. Awareness of one’s own breath, passively observing our own thoughts, without being judgmental, dealing with them with positive intentions, positive affirmations to visualise and achieve goals without harm to self and others were explained. “Mind body coordination, muscle memory, good circle of mutual body and mind power towards self-development was shown by the speakers. Athavale also gave the knowledge of positive affirmations.
“You can use affirmations in any situation where you see a positive change taking place in your life,” he said. Kyoshi Murugesh explained about the rules and regulations of WKF for Kumite (sparring). As is the standard, signals, Japanese terms are uniformly used by officials while conducting the kumite tournaments. Presence of referee, judges, arbitrator, supervisor, scoring points, scoring areas of body, scoring techniques, disallowed actions, penalties of C1 and C2 categories for wrong, unacceptable actions, inactions were explained in detail. The session was followed by an interactive question and answer session with the particiapnts. Sensei Disha Choube, (Black Belt 2nd Dan), Karate Budokan International, proposed a vote of thanks.