Red chilli prices move up as demand soars
   Date :21-Apr-2021

Red chilli _1  
Business Bureau :
GOOD demand by manufacturers and exporters has lifted the red chilli prices higher by 10 per cent this season as compared to prices in the year ago period. Local variety Roshni is being quoted at Rs 90 per kg to Rs 135 per kg, whereas, the local Teja is moving in the range of Rs 135 per kg to Rs 150 per kg in wholesale market. “In March, when the second wave of lockdown was implemented, the chilli prices dropped to some extent, but due to good demand by manufacturers and exporters the prices bounced back,” said Sanjay Wadhwani, red chilli trader while speaking to The Hitavada.
He said that large quantities of the local varieties like Roshni and local Teja arrive from Kuhi-Mandhar, Bhiwapur, Armori and nearby places of Nagpur to the Kalamna wholesale market. Other varieties like Teja, Byadgi, Khammam, Chapata, Devanur Deluxe (DD) etc., arrive from Guntur, Warangal, Hyderabad and Karnataka. About 90 per cent of the chilli harvest has arrived in the market.
The red chilli harvest season starts from January and ends by May 15. In the Kalamna wholesale market, the red chilli prices of certain varieties are being quoted as follows: Roshni at Rs 90 per kg to Rs 135 per kg, local Teja at Rs 90 per kg to Rs 135 per kg, Devanur Deluxe (DD) at Rs 125 to Rs 150 per kg, Chapata at Rs 170 per kg to Rs 200 per kg, Byadgi at Rs 220 per kg to Rs 290 per kg and Armour at Rs 100 per kg to Rs 130 per kg, depending on the quality, he added. Sources in the market said that on an average 15,000 bags (70 to 80 trucks) arrive every Monday at the Kalamna market. The domestic chillies are in great demand in international market. India exports red chillies in large quantities to China, Singapore, Malaysia,Bangladesh, Europe and Middle East.