‘A person should always be a force for positive change’
   Date :23-Apr-2021

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Business Bureau :
VIA Lady Entrepreneur’s Wing conducted a webinar on ‘Health Management during COVID-19 and Health Insurance’, recently. The eminent speakers of the session were Dr Rajashree Khot, Associate Professor, Department of General Medicine, AIIMS, Nagpur and Nitin Jeswani under the Chairmanship of Manisha Bawankar, VIA LEW. Bawankar gave the opening remarks and welcomed the guests. Anita Rao, past President, introduced Dr Rajashree Khot, the speaker of the first session. On social well-being, Dr Rajashree Khot said, “A person should always be a force for positive change. On health at work places, she said, “Utmost care of employees is to be taken so that they can work to their full potential”. She said that a person should have an insight of one’s illness and always have a stock of required medicines. In case one is not able to go to the doctor then he can consult the doctor on phone and get the prescription on mail/whatsapp and medicines through any website.
She said seasonal diseases which are mild can be treated at home by tele-consulting the doctor, but in case of major diseases and surgeries people should go to the hospital. She emphasised on diet control and exercise, and tackling stress by learning new skills like cooking and singing. On mental health she said, one has to practice mindfulness – i.e. think of the present only without bothering about the future as we have to go with the time. Further, she forcefully asserted on learning breathing exercises which leads to decentralisation for post COVID complications, meditation, hearing music for relaxation, limiting news consumption by taking it from trusted sources only. On childrens health, she said, “A person has to make sure that the children quickly adapt to the new normal of wearing masks, hand washing, a bit of social distancing, as we cannot go to old normal”.
Rashmi Kulkarni, Treasurer of VIA LEW, introduced Nitin Jeswani, the speaker of the second session. Jeswani said that more people can safeguard their families and businesses from the financial liabilities arising out of unpredictable losses. Present were VIA LEW members Sarla Kamdar, Founder President, Prafullata Rode, Madhubala Singh, Sarita Pawar, past presidents Chitra Parate, Y Ramani, Neelam Bowade, Anjali Gupta, Vandana Sharma, Shachi Malik, IPP Reeta Lanjewar, Vice President Indu Kshirsagar, PRO Yogita Deshmukh, Poonam Gupta and others. Poonam Lala, Secretary, proposed the vote of thanks.