Newborn daughter brought home in chopper in Rajasthan village
   Date :23-Apr-2021

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By Archana Sharma :
A NEW born daughter was accorded rather an unusual welcome in a Rajasthan village and brought home in a helicopter with bands walking along her side after she landed and roses were spread throughout the way till the time she reached her sweet home. The celebration was grand as she is the first daughter to have been born in this family after 35 years. Hence the father spent Rs 4.5 lakh to hire this copter and make the celebration grand. Village folks of Nimbdi Chandawata in Nagaur district turned up in large numbers to see the chopper landing in their village and catch a glimpse of the baby girl.
The daughter was born at her maternal grandfather’s home two months ago. She landed in her paternal village on the auspicious occasion of Ramnavami, when villagers sang bhajans and showered flowers on the baby and her mother. The little girl’s grandfather Madan Lal Kumhar decided to bring the girl home in a helicopter and took permission from the District Collector for the same as well as to build helipads both in her maternal and paternal villages. The 30 km distance between the two villages was covered in about 20 minutes via copter.