By practising yoga regularly, one can boost immunity and fight corona: Dhanashri
   Date :26-Apr-2021

 Dhanashri Lekurwale_1&nb
Sports Reporter :
YOGA player Dhanashri Lekurwale is among city’s most decorated sportspersons. She has won many medals representing India in many internationals events in the country and abroad. Dhanashri is representing India since 2013 and has won many international medals. In the Asian Yoga Federation organised 8th Asian Yoga Sports Championship, she won a silver medal in the senior category. Players of 15 countries took part in that event. With rise in coronavirus related cases and subsequent deaths, a much stricter lockdown has been imposed once again and like all other activities, sports too has taken a backseat.
Sportspersons are not allowed to take the field nor they can practise in their respective clubs. Dhanashri feels that for sportspersons fitness is an important aspect. During these tough times, one is not able to attend regular training and that may affect their performance when they take to the field (when things get better), said Dhanashri. She insisted that this is the time to maintain physical shape and mental health. In yoga, flexibility is of utmost importance and it comes with regular and rigorous training. Online yoga has come as an option for the players and considering the bad phase we all are going through, it is a welcome move, she said.
Dhanashri was of the view that apart from following all the COVID protocols of washing hands frequently, maintaining social distance and wearing masks, we can raise our immunity levels considerably by practising yoga. Yoga and pranayam can raise one’s immunity levels. Yoga keeps he body fit and strengthens tour respiratory system. A fit body will fight corona in a much better way, she asserted. By performing yoga regularly, our body produces white blood corpuscles that increases our immunity and with that our ability to fight against virus and bacteria. Not only in fighting the disease causing viruses, yoga helps in relieving the tension, said Dhanashri.