Marketing plan should be clear, engaging that sales conversion is 100%, says Garg
   Date :26-Apr-2021

Mohan Garg_1  H
Business Bureau :
VIA Marketing Forum organised a panel discussion on ‘Optimised and Effective Budget Planning for Marketing’ recently on Zoom. The eminent panellists were Sanjay Behera, Chief Sales Manager-Western Region of Tata Steel Ltd, Mumbai, Ish Mohan Garg, Chairman and CEO, Calderys India Refractories Ltd, Nagpur and Nandita Khaire, Director, Business and Corporate Strategy of Udyen Jain and Associates, Pune.
The panellist shed light on various aspects of marketing budget planning. During the session, Nandita Khaire said, “While marketing a product it is the planning which comes first and then the budgeting. Entire planning is by keeping ROI at centre.” She guided all participants on how to choose marketing mode by placing different examples. Ish Mohan Garg said, “The marketing plan should be clear and engaging that the sales conversion is 100 per cent.” Sanjay Behera shared his expertise and gave ideas on how to reach out to rural customers and how to brand a commodity product. Anuja Sharma, Chairman of VIA Marketing Forum proposed a vote of thanks.
Anita Rao, Joint Secretary of VIA introduced the guest speakers. Mili Juneja, Convener of VIA Marketing Forum moderated the session. Present were Om Jajodia, Chairman of VIA Agro and Rural Development Forum, Sanjay Singh, Director of Strategic Concepts and others.