Traders believe lockdown is no solution to COVID-19
   Date :06-Apr-2021
Business Bureau :
Expressing dissatisfaction over the new set of restrictions, traders, businessmen and others observed that the decision would disrupt commercial activities. Most of them felt that the authorities could have allowed business activities and given relief to people already suffering losses because of the previous lockdown.

B C Bhartia_1  
B C Bhartia, National President of CAIT:- We want ‘live as well as livelihood’. This is what people of all walks of life are looking at this point in time. The Government could have come out with a middle path striking perfect balance between restrictions and business activities. nfortunately this has not happened and it will severely impact the trade. Instead of complete lockdown, the authorities should have fixed timings for the various business activities with focus on safety measures.

Nihar Taori_1   
Nihar Taori, Director Taori Marketing:- There is an ambiguity in direction issued by the authorities with regard to the new restrictions. It seems that the authorities are playing with the words. This is creating confusion among the citizens and also among the traders. Summer is the peak season of our business which contributes about 45 per cent of our annual sale. The markets are already bearing the brunt of the previous lockdown. There should not be a blanket ban.

Rajesh Rokde_1   
Rajesh Rokde, Director of Rokde Jewellers:- Imposing another lockdown is just like asking the traders to commite suicide. How can we survive in such a situation?. It will leave a big impact on all of us - financially as well as mentally. We were not expecting the Government to announce the restriction without taking the traders into confidence. The Government should roll back the decision and allot at least some hours every for the business activities.

Rajesh Thakker_1 &nb 
Rajesh Thakker, President of Oil Merchants Association, Nagpur:- I do not think that by way of imposing lockdown, we could prevent COVID - 19 cases. On the other hand, many people will commit suicide if they loose business due to the lockdown. Small and medium size traders are the worst sufferers who have to take care of their staff, family members and other committed expenses like electricity bill, rent, repayment of bank loan, etc.

Tejinder Singh Renu_1&nbs 
Tejinder Singh Renu, President of Nagpur Residential Hotels Association:- Our industry is one among the worst suffers. We incurred heavy losses during the first lockdown and it is happening again.The industry will have to face its consequences for quite long. It is very sad to see that we have arrived at a point where lockdown is required. We need to strengthen our healthcare system and avoid such tough situations.

Dipen Agrawal_1 &nbs 
Dipen Agrawal, President of CAMIT:- It seems that the Government has announced the restrictions without doing any homework. It was not planned systematically and traders were left at the mercy of God . There are many types of businesses where we hardly see a rush of buyers. Such shops should have been spared. But the authorities have imposed a complete ban. Moreover, the Government has not announced any relief measure for the traders who have been asked to close down their activities for so long.

Aslam Opai_1  H 
Aslam Opai, Director of Kwality Enterprises:-The lockdown is not the solution to contain the spread of COVID-19. For traders in coolers it is the peak season and the lockdown is unjustified as it will ruin the business this season too. Instead the Government should impose weekend lockdown or curtail the timings of opening of shops. Also, Government can appoint officials at major markets to manage the visitors in proper manner.
Jatindra Nakade1_1 &
Jatindra Nakade, Former Chairman of TAAI, Nagpur Chapter:- The air ticket booking agents are not in favour of lockdown and closure of their offices. Why should the private offices which offer essential services be closed when airlines, railways, buses are operating. Already business is negligible and our survival is at stake. Government should provide financial aid to us in such situations.

Jaiprakash Parekh_1  
Jaiprakash Parekh, Director of JP Office Equipment:- Traders are with the Government in fighting the spread of COVID-19. Considering this the Government should give some type of relief like waiving off electricity bills, water bills or financial aid at the State level. The lockdown affects mostly the traders and daily wage earners and people working in private offices. The big industrialists have been spared as factories are operating at full capacity. Instead of lockdown the medical infrastructure should be ramped up.

Ramawatar Totla_1 &n 
Ramawatar Totla, Secretary of NVCC: -The Government has taken the decision of lockdown in haste and have made traders as the scapegoats. With imposition of sudden lockdown the rate of unemployment will increase. Migrant workers are leaving the city and moving to their hometowns.
Mansi Chawla Bhandari_1&n
Mansi Chawla Bhandari, CEO of Fun N Food Village:- The amusement parks are already in trouble. The Government is not providing any relief to the amusement parks which are one of the most affected businesses. It is not even possible to pay the maintenance, electric bills, water bills and tax. The lockdown is creating more trouble than stopping the spread of coronavirus. We need financial support from the Government.