Prime Minister says, exams are not last chance to prove yourself
   Date :08-Apr-2021

pariksha pe charcha virtu
FINDING enough time and mental space in his hectic schedule, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stood on the lush lawns of his official residence and gave his best to motivate students aspiring to take various year-end examinations that are coming after a troublesome period of lockdown and fear of disease. Continuing with his annual exercise of “Pariksha par Charcha” on Wednesday, he asserted, “Exams are not the last chance to prove yourself”, but they are opportunities to take your first steps towards your dreams. Countless thousands of Indian students at various levels of their schooling joined the Prime Minister in this virtual conclave spread over continents.
This may, perhaps, be the only exercise of its kind in the whole world when a Head of Government shares his ideas and ideals with young minds, enthusing them to try their best and never to compromise with their resoluteness. His cool words imparted a confidence that gets challenged every now and then in these difficult times. “Parents, relatives and teachers make a big deal of small exams. Exams are not the last chance to prove yourself, but it is an opportunity to take your first steps towards your dreams,” he said. “We become conscious more than necessary and start over-thinking. I think this is not the end. Life is very long, this is just a small halt. We should not create pressure.” “Liking and disliking things are part of human nature. But we have to learn to distribute our abilities equally. Distribute your time to each subject equally” he said to the students. “You knew of exams.
They did not come suddenly. It means you are not scared of exams but of something else. But such atmosphere has been created around you that exams are everything. Sometimes schools, parents, relatives create an atmosphere that you have to undergo a big event, a huge crisis,” he said. The Prime Minister also responded to questions about how the food habits of children can be changed and how parents can help children to eat healthy food rather than junk food, and how to sharpen their memories. The PM interacted with students, parents and teachers regarding the upcoming exams and shared tips on how to deal with academic stress. The Central Board of Secondary Education has announced its Class 10 and 12 Exams 2021 from May 4.