Ashtedu is one of the most systematic and scientific sports: Talmale
   Date :10-May-2021

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Principal Correspondent :
ASHTEDU is a refined name of Indian traditional cultural yogic martial arts sport ‘Akhada’. It is a cultural sports science and physical educational form. It is one of the most systematic and scientific sports, said Mahaguru Rajesh Talmale, Technical Chairman, ITF Tang Soo Do, Sports Federation of India, Black Belt 7th Dan. Talmale was speaking during the Online Karate and Sports Seminar for physical and Spiritual Development of students. The seminar was organised by Karate Budokan International. Kyoshi Harish Choube, Black Belt 7th Dan, National Chief Instructor and Examiner Karate Budokan International and Sports Coordinator was the host of the seminar. Talmale informed Ashtedu Mardani Akhada (Unique Martial Arts).
He said that Ashtedu Mardani Akhada has been included in SGFI (School Games Federation of India) and students are getting a chance to participate school nationals from DSO and Division level. Talmale explained the meaning of Ashtedu. He said it is a refined name of our Indian traditional cultural yogic martial arts sports i.e. ‘Akhada’. “It is a cultural sports science and physical education form. It is one of the most systematic and scientific sports, that is developed in the modern days by incorporating experiences of renowned physical education and martial arts teachers practicing with traditional and modern yogic martial arts forms. It has gained popularity to teach fighting skills. It is a coordination of yogic (yoga) movements of body flexibility,” explained Talmale. Talmale was of the view that Ashtedu will soon gain international reputation. “Ashtedu is going to be a global sport that will shortly gain an international reputation. I am sure that it will be introduced in the Olympics soon,” he hoped. “Ashtedu is a refined form of Indian (Odia) word ‘Akhada’ where soldiers practiced to develop their fighting skills.
“In general Ashtedu is the way of using hand and leg movements with or without weapons. In general, Ashtedu means the slower movements of mind and spirit together for a faster and sudden attacks towards the opponent,” said Talmale. Talmale further said that Ashtedu is a way of using mind and body together that are represented by fists and feet. It controls or calm down fights and maintains peace. “Ashtedu is the right way of using all parts of the body to stop fights and help build a better and more peaceful world.” “The techniques of Ashtedu are practiced since thousands of years. India is the mainland of the martial arts, being called by several different names in the course.
In India, Ashtedu began as a defence martial art called “Gauda Akhada”, “Ishan-Akhada”, “Lathi-Yudhha”, “Kalaripayattu” or similar as “Paika-Akhada”, “Bhartiya Youdh Kala” and developed as a way of training body, mind and spirit. There are no such official records but it has been proved that martial arts started from India,” claimed Talmale. Ashtedu is similar to the martial arts and other countries share the same features but have used different styles. The form has evolved in countries like Japan and China.