World’s largest cooling stations installed in Grand Mosque
   Date :13-May-2021

Worlds largest cooling st
AS PARTof SaudiArabia’s efforts to provide high-quality services to visitors and pilgrims of the Holy Mosques using the latest technologies, the world’s largest coolingplantofitskindhasbeen installed in Makkah’s Grand Mosque to ensure that worshipers perform their rituals in the cool and fresh atmosphere inside Al-Haram. TheGeneralPresidencyforthe Affairs of theTwo Holy Mosques worksonensuringfreshairinside the Grand Mosque using ultraviolet light air purification technology.
The filtration process is carried out nine times a day before releasing the well-treated fresh airinto the mosque, the Saudi Gazette reported. The air filtration process, which ensures 100 per cent air purity is carried out in three stages, namely: moving air into filters using fans, capturing pollutants and particles and then pushingbackcleanairintospace. The director of operation and maintenance administration of the presidency, Mohsen AlSalami,pointedoutthatthereare two cooling stations inside the Grand Mosque which are the largestoftheir kindintheworld.