Exercise, fresh air must for boosting immunity, says Dr Karvande
   Date :18-May-2021

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Sports Reporter :
We can find happiness through sports and that keeps the body healthy and mind fresh. Studies have proved that if we do exercises in fresh air keeping proper distance, the chances of contracting the disease is minimal. — Dr Karvande 
DURING these tough times of COVID-19, the most important thing to fight the virus is our immunity and exercise, fresh air are among those things that are must for boosting immunity, says Dr Anil Karvande. Dr Karvande, President, Krida Bharati Maharashtra Pradesh and Vidarbha Prant was speaking during a webinar hosted by Krida Bharati Maharashtra Pradesh recently. “In these times we need to have healthy body and mind. Exercises, fresh air are must for boosting immunity. The easiest way to boost health and immunity is through sports. That may include all field sports, yogasanas, pranayam, suryanamaskar, jogging and morning walk among other things,” said Dr Karvande during the seminar that lasted one and half hour.
“We can find happiness through sports and that keeps the body healthy and mind fresh. If we do exercises in fresh air keeping proper distance, the chances of contracting the disease is minimal, studies have proved. The government is stuck with rules but it is need of the hour that the authorities let open the grounds and jogging track for the public use,” he added. Dr Karvande gave a detailed account of coronavirus and said that only exercise that may also include cycling, fresh air, healthy eating habits would help win over coronavirus. He stressed that Indian home cooked food has all the necessary ingredients to keep one healthy. Ashokrao Kale, Principal, BP Ed College, Miraj also guided the participants. “We all are giving more importance to outer hygiene. But at the same time we must focus on keeping the body and mind healthy for inside.
This can be achieved through regular exercises only. Parents always give importance to their children’s studies and ignore physical activities. They must also ensure that children go out for some sort of sport. The government must look into opening the playgrounds and should make sure that those are in good conditions,” Kale said. Dr Makrand Joshi, double Shiv Chhatrapati Awardee and a professor in physical education institution was of the view that one must give equal importance to warm-up exercises. “In sports department, we focus more on skills of that particular sport. We ,must give equal importance to warm-up exercise. If one is not fit, the problems will always be there. The authorities should find some ways to open the grounds for sportspersons and general public,” Joshi urged. Summing up the webinar, Rajji Joshi, Mahamantri Akhil Bharatiya Krida Bharati said, “There is fear among common people.
This is taking a toll on their mental health. We must still confidence in all. We should not panic if we have common cough or cold. It will take effort from all of us to fight this pandemic. “Just before sunrise there is ozone in the atmosphere which is good for health. For getting more oxygen into the body, one needs to do some sort of exercise. At least some respiratory exercises are a must. We must try to make our lungs strong. So what, if there’s is lockdown, one can do suryanamaskar, asanas and pranayam at home in the courtyard and even on terraces.” Milind Dange, Akhil Bhartiya Koshadksha Paschimkhetra Mantri, Krida Bharati; Dr Sanjay Karwade, Past President Rotary and participants from Pune city and district places, Nashik, Sangli, Miraj, Rajasthan Karnataka, Central India, Mumbai, Gwalior, Hubli, Indore and Karnavati took part in the webinar.