Podar World School introduces Artificial Intelligence in curriculum
   Date :19-May-2021

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Business Bureau :
The National Education Policy 2020 outlines the vision of India’s new education system and shows us the path to the future with a focus on skill-based and relevant 21st-century learning. Taking a leaf out of the NEP 2020, Podar World School has become the first school in the State to launch Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning along with subjects like coding as part of its school curriculum.
The virtual launch ceremony was successfully carried out for students, parents and leading educationists, who applauded the initiative, as AI is the future of our worlds. The school’s parents were thrilled that their kids would be pioneers in picking up machine learning, deep learning and AI, right from their school age. Raghav Podar, Chairman of Podar Education, said, “We have strongly lobbied to shift Indian education from content mastery to competence mastery, and as a natural progression to this, students need to be prepared with future-ready skills.
We are preparing children for jobs that don’t exist yet, they will be solving problems that we don’t know are problems yet; by using technologies that haven’t even been invented yet.” “We prepare children for their lives 20 to 30 years from now. While we can’t solve their problems for them, it is critical we equip them with the life skills that will allow them to tackle life’s challenges head-on. Launch of AI is one such measure that will give our children a head start to take on a globally competitive future,” he said.