Delay in sewer line restoration work irks residents
   Date :23-May-2021

Unwarranted delay in sewe
Unwarranted delay in sewer line restoration work is making conditions hell like on one of the
important roads of the city. (Pic by Anil Tiwari)
Staff Reporter ;
Unwarranted delay and irregularities in completion of sewer line restoration work is proving dear to the denizens. The overlooking on the part of authorities concerned has become painful for Jabalpurians. Public representatives, voluntary organizations and residents too have apprised senior authorities in JMC about the gravity of the problem but no one is paying heed to people's woes. It may be noted the Jabalpur Municipal Corporation has dug up important roads of the city to lay sewer pipes. But after completing the work, it is paying negligence in carrying out restoration work properly on concerned routes. Big ditches and channels which were made for sewer pipes are still not restored completely. Besides, the partially filled sewer channels are posing great threat of fatal accidents.
Besides, dust billows from the place causing serious health hazards for citizens. Negligence on the part of the JMC authorities is proving costly to the Jabalpurians. Puffs of dust billows throughout the day on the route are proving costly to the health of denizens. The dust is causing serious health problems to people. Incomplete sewer line work is proving dear to the denizens. Though dozens of incidents of serious nature have already been occurred due to unorganized sewer line work, the JMC and contracted company are still in deep slumber. It seems that the civic body is waiting for any unfortunate incident.
The Municipal Corporation is laying sewer lines in the city since years. It is spending crores of rupees for developing proper drainage system in the city. But, the unorganized sewer line work has become a cause of serious concern for citizens. The sewer lines have so far caused a dozen serious accidents and the overlooking of the JMC is making these sewers more dangerous and fatal. People have demanded the Municipal Corporation to complete restoration work and construct the road early so that people could take a sigh of relief.