‘Sportspersons must keep themselves mentally fit’
   Date :24-May-2021

Dr Shailesh Pangaonkar_1&
 Dr Shailesh Pangaonkar
Principal Correspondent :
THE coronavirus pandemic has forced everybody including sportspersons to get ‘locked’ inside the confines of their homes. Players are managing to keep themselves fit by doing exercises at home. But at the same time they should also try to keep themselves mentally stable and should not think too far ahead about their careers, said Dr Shailesh Pangaonkar, noted psychiatrist of the city. Dr Pangaonkar was speaking during the ongoing five-day national seminar on ‘Impact of COVID-19 on Mental and Physical Health, Precautions and Remedies’ jointly organised by Academy of Physical Education; Priyadarshini Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Wardha; MB Patel College, Sakoli; NMD College, Gondia and Late Nirdhan Patil Waghaye Mahavidyalaya, Lakhani. Dr Pangaonkar said that it is very important for all the sportspersons to keep themselves mentally fit during these testing times.
“Negativity in atmosphere makes a wrong impact on a sportsperson’s mind. On one hand they (sportspersons) dream of excelling in their careers and on the other they are confined to their homes. Though they are training and keeping themselves fit, they feel that all their hard work would go down the drain if competitions are not held,” felt Dr Pangaonkar. “To keep the sportsperson in a positive frame of mind, parents and coaches should make it sure they keep their wards in a healthy atmosphere and keep them motivated,” he added. Dr Pangaonkar said that during this lockdown period players should update themselves with the latest rules of their respective sport.
“They should ready positive stories of legendary sportspersons, listen to inspiring speeches and watch videos of international matches. He also suggested that players should not think too far ahead and live in the present and enjoy the moment. They should spend most of their times with their family members,” added Dr Pangaonkar. Dr Sharad Suryawanshi, Director, Department of Sports and Physical Education and Dr Anil Karvande, President, Academy of Physical Education, Dr Vitthal Singh Parihar, Dr Harish Trivedi, Dr Amit Tembhurne and Dr Sudhir Sahare were present.