Branding needs backing of trust: Prof Sahu
   Date :26-May-2021

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Business Bureau :
Noted speaker on Personal Branding and Networking Professor Ravishankar Sahu recently said that branding needs a backing of trust which can be developed by with 3E’s - Expertise, Experience and Earning. Sahu, who is Head, Sports Management Programme at MIT WPU, Pune, was speaking at the Wisdom Talk on ‘The Benefits of a Powerful Personal Brand and Network’ organized by the Vidarbha Management Association, Nagpur. He further said that, “Your expertise in a particular field should speak for you. While working towards personal branding, your track record is very crucial. People should have good experience with you / your product / service etc.
A good track record is of vital importance,” he said. Prof. Sahu said that people should benefit from you, then only they will recommend you to others. Prof. Sahu congratulated VMA for conducting such insightful intellectual sessions. The other speaker, Professor Dr Dhanashree Tharkude, who is programme Head MBA, HR, MIT, WPU School of Management PG, and a well-known expert for personal branding and network management, conducted an activity session on JOHARI technique to develop self-awareness in people. In this activity, volunteers were selected and participants were asked to enlist three strengths and three weaknesses of these individuals. Participants actively discussed 5-6 people and an insightful session was conducted.
The reason to take this activity was to understand more about the personal traits that are good / supportive or bad for the growth of an individual as a brand. Areas of improvement were discussed that allowed looking in and introspecting for corrections. Other techniques of good networking for improving personal branding were discussed that included Off-line PR, Social Media PR and Event Related PR. Large number of members attended the on-line session. Vidarbha Management Association is based at Nagpur and it meets every Sunday at 10.30 am, dedicated to impart learnings related to Management and Leadership Skills to its members. VMA is a nonprofit organization and is currently in its 17th year of operation. All the members are business owners from different domains.