Potato onion prices moving northwards in wholesale market
   Date :29-May-2021

Potato onion prices movin
It seems that the housewives are not happy these days as the potato and onion prices have started moving northwards. Now they will have to shell out more cash disrupting their monthly budgets.
“The prices of vegetables like the potato and onion used in the kitchen everyday have escalated in the wholesale market. Both the veggies have flared up on account of lower supplies in the Kalamna APMC wholesale market,” said Jaiprakash Vasani, former President of Kanda Batata Adatiya Association, Kalamna.
He further said, “Kalamna APMC is receiving average supply of 15 trucks laden with potato. The prices are gradually moving upwards everyday in the market as the limited stock is getting exhausted. Even the new crop will take atleast three to four months to arrive in the market.”
The prices of potato which was quoted between Rs 10 and Rs 11 per kg till a fortnight ago, have suddenly surged to Rs 13 and Rs 14 in the Kalamna marketyard.
The recent rains have also damaged the crop to some extent. Currently, the supply of potatoes is from Kanpur, Allahabad and Agra, he said. In retail, potato prices are being quoted at Rs 25 per kg to Rs 30 per kg depending on the quality. The prices varies from one locality to another. A fortnight ago the potato was being sold at Rs 20 per kg, he said.
Similarly, the prices of onion have also started to flare up from the past 15 days. The prices of onion have flared up between Rs 15 per kg and Rs 16 per kg as compared to a fortnight ago between Rs 12 per kg and Rs 13 per kg, in the wholesale market. The supply of white onion is coming from Akola, while the red colour onion is from Buldhana, Jalgaon and Nashik mandis. On a daily average 20 to 25 trucks are unloading onions at the Kalamna wholesale market, he added. Sources inside the market expect the potato and onion prices to surge when the lockdown is lifted.
Ginger prices flare up
The garlic prices have also started its upward journey from past 10 days. Currently, it is hovering between Rs 30 per kg and Rs 35 per kg in the wholesale market. Earlier, it was being quoted at Rs 20 per kg to Rs 25 per kg, Jaiprakash Vasani said. In retail, it is quoted at Rs 60 per kg and above depending upon the quality. Garlic is coming from Kota, Rajasthan and Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh.