Utensils worth lakhs gutted in fire in shop at Waraseoni
   Date :29-May-2021

Utensils worth lakhs gutt
Utensils worths lakhs of rupees were gutted when a fire broke out in an utensil shop, near Dadabadi, Waraseoni on Thursday night. A grocery store owner, Sangam Modi saw smoke coming out from the utensil shop, Shree Ram Metals at Dadabadi, near his shop. He informed others and soon a large crowd gathered.
Fire tenders were called and lock of the shop was broken. Then fire fighters could go inside and started extinguishing the fire. If the fire was not doused at the right time then it could have spread to nearby medical shop.
The entire stock kept in the shops was gutted and he suffered loss of Rs 10 to 12 lakh. The shop owner, Sagar Indulkar informed that he was running utensil shop in a rented place. Due to lockdown, his shop was closed. He received call that fire had broken out in his shop. He immediately reached there and saw his entire stock gutted.