Kind gesture of police restores faith in humanity
   Date :04-May-2021

Kind gesture of police_1&
 Police personnel feeding the destitute.
Our Correspondent :
APART from discharging their duties, Bastar police have been distributing food to the poor and needy people during the lockdown. The police personnel fed a man who was hungry for the last two days and this gesture of the police once again restored the faith in humanity. Kotwali SHO Eman Sahu informed that while patrolling, they saw a man roaming on roads. When they enquired, they learnt that the man was hungry and was looking for food here and there. The man who identified himself as Sumaru, started crying in front of police and told them that he is a labourer but all his works are stopped because of the lockdown.
He informed that he had not eaten anything for the last two days and was very hungry. On this, the police took Sumaru to the police station and gave him food. After this, police dropped him near his house and also delivered food for his family. Police personnel also gave him their number and asked him to contact police in any emergency.