Reward Alfiya’s coach Purohit: Dr Awasare to CM
   Date :07-May-2021

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Principal Correspondent :
BHARTIYA Janata Party’s Nagpur’s Sports Cell President Dr Vivek Awasare has urged Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to reward gold medal winning boxer Alfiya Pathan’s childhood coach Ganesh Purohit. Nagpur’s Alfiya Tarannum Akram Khan Pathan won a gold medal in the just concluded AIBA World Youth Boxing Championships held in Poland.
The southpaw won the yellow metal in the 81+ weight category. Alfiya, 18, was introduced to boxing by National Institute of Sport (NIS) boxing coach Purohit when she was just 13 years old. Since then Purohit has been working hard on Alfiya. “The State Government has announced a cash reward of Rs 3 lakh for Alfiya. An equal amount should be rewarded to her coach NIS Ganesh Purohit,” Dr Awasare wrote to CM Thackeray.
“The position in which Alfiya is today is only because of the hard work of Purohit. He has trained Alfiya from a very young age and is still coaching her tirelessly,” Dr Awasare’s letter stated. Purohit regularly trains 2018 Asian Junior Boxing gold medal winner Alfiya at Divisional Sports Complex in Mankapur.