Kronum ‘urges’ to ‘Join the Revolution’
   Date :01-Jun-2021

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Sports Reporter ;
THE main goal of creating kronum, a mix of several sports, was to bring about a revolution in sports and that’s why kronum’s slogan is ‘Join the Revolution’, informed Rahulkumar Wani during an online webinar on Monday. Wani, General Secretary, Kronum Association of Maharashtra, who is also Technical Committee Member of Kronum Federation of India was speaking during the ongoing webinar series ‘Karate and Sports Seminar for Physical and Spiritual Development of Sportspersons’ being organised by Karate Budokan International (Vidarbha Region) with Kyoshi Harish Choube as the host. “Kronum was invented in 2008 in Vilanova, Pennsylvania by Bill Gibson. Currently, tournaments are organised in the Europe and Asia but the sport is gaining popularity throughout the world. The creator of this sport decided to mix several sport disciplines in a systematic way.

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The main goal of the discipline was to create a revolution in sport and that’s why kronum’s slogan is ‘Join the Revolution’. This sport combines basics of several sports including football, basketball, handball and rugby,” said Wani introducing the sport. Throwing more light on rules of sport, Wani said, “Two teams play in the chronicle, each of the 15 players including five extras, is on the field at all times. Four of them are called wedgebacks, they act as goalkeepers (as in football) in the defence phase. In the attack phase, the goalkeepers become field players and play like the rest of the team. Changes take place on a regular basis, just like in hockey. The match is played in a three-period system of 15 minutes. The aim of the game is to get the highest number of points. Points are calculated depending on the place where the attempt was made to shoot in the field (e.g. in basketball). The targets to be hit during the chronicle game are the five largest rings located on the crossbar of the goal, which have a diameter of 20 inches (50 cm). When a player hits the ball through one of these rings (ring shot), he gets a bonus in the form of doubling the value of points (i.e. if he shoots from a zone worth 2 points and hits the hoop, he gets 4 points).” The field and zones seem to complex to being with and those need to be understood properly.
“The field consists of three concentric circles. There are four goals on the outer circle, which are divided by two teams. At the front of each goal is a round goal zone and a straight-line wedge zone. Then there is the flex zone and cross zone. The ring in the middle of the field is called the prime ring. The game starts when the referee in the main ring bounces the ball off the ground high in the air. One of the players of each team is now responsible for catching the ball and starting the game. All of the players of both teams are authorised to use any part of their body for dribbling, except in a wedge zone where the use of hands is prohibited. Similar to basketball, a player can dribble using his hands, but can only take two steps with the ball in his hands without dribbling. This policy violation is called ‘steps’. During the action one team attacks and the other team defends. Four wedge backers (goalkeepers, as in football) of each team can touch the ball with their hand in the goal zone,” Wani explained. Sensei Disha Choube, Black Belt 2nd Dan, Karate Budokan International, proposed a vote of thanks.