Shivling of Parmara dynasty unearthed
   Date :01-Jun-2021

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Chandrapur Bureau :
A shivling of Parmara dynasty was unearthed at Devtok village of Saoli tehsil recently. Historian and Chandrapur District Convener and Member of Governing Council of INTACH Ashok Singh Thakur informed that the shivling was built during Paramar dynasty who ruled Vidarbha from Chandrapur. A shivling was found in Devtok village which is situated on the banks of Wainganga river. It is said that it is the ascetic land of the Murkund Rishi, where a huge shivling was found while digging during the construction of a new temple. The shivling belongs to 11 to 12 centuries. In this period, Vidarbha was ruled by King Jagdev Parmara (1095 to 1134 AD) of the great mighty Parmara dynasty. Jagdeva was the prince of famous Parmars of Dhar-Malwa. He was the successor of Udayaditya and a brother of Narawarman, who migrated to the Deccan to serve Vikramdadiya VI, the Chalukya king. Jagdeva Parmara was the very loyal devotee of Lord Shiva.
He built Shiva temples at Bhatala, Sondo (Siddeshwar) Shiva Temple, Gadchandur, and many temples in Chandrapur district. One special thing is that both the shivlings found in Saoli and the shivling of Markanda appear to be identical. Thakur also mentioned that there are evidence that the gold coins of Parmara dynasty which were found in Rajura tehsil suggest that the shivling belongs to Paramara dynasty.
There are similar symbols on the gold coins during Parmara ruled in Gadchandur, Thakur mentioned. During Jagdeva Parmara dynasty, he built many Shiva temples in the district. He used to rule Vidarbha from Gadchandur as its capital, informed Ashok Singh Thakur, member of INTACH. He also demanded excavation here as there is much possibilities to unearth the historical evidences, mentioned Ashok Singh Thakur.