Revelling in reception
    Date :10-Jun-2021

family man 2_1  
It has been only days since the second season of The Family Man started streaming on Amazon Prime Video and series lead Manoj Bajpayee says fans have already started “demanding” the third chapter. Created by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK, the new season of the espionage action thriller series released after a lot of wait amid the controversy around Amazon’s shows Tandav and Mirzapur. While season two finale of The Family Man drops more than a hint about the potential renewal, Bajpayee, who plays Srikant Tiwari, an intelligence officer trying to balance his personal and professional life on the show, said he has no idea how the story will progress if there is a third part. “There’s a lot of work that goes into making a season. I will be very happy if Amazon, and Raj and DK decide to do a season three but before that the writing has to be complete. All the formalities need to be finished.
I’m ecstatic that people have started demanding season three,” the actor told PTI. “What all season three will have, I myself don’t know. I’m waiting for the script to come to me,” he added. With mostly positive reviews coming their way, the team of The Family Man has seemed to have achieved the impossible: delivered a better season two. On one level, The Family Man is a face-off between the “good guys” and “bad guys”, but the show also attempts to blur this line, through wholesome characters, Bajpayee said. “We are so influenced by mainstream cinema that we look at villains as dark (people). I think Ram Gopal Varma, Shekhar Kapur, Mani Ratnam have broken this stereotype and after them directors like Anurag Kashyap, Dibakar (Banerjee) have looked at characters in a human way.They tried to touch upon their story from their perspective.”
There is a collision between the two worlds in which these characters live, he observed. “So it is as much as Srikant Tiwari’s series as it is Raji’s. Like the first season was as much Srikant’s as it was Moosa’s (played by Neeraj Madhav). How directors or writers tell a story or create characters and the world they inhabit, makes all the difference.”