Scientists find technique to detect tropical cyclones earlier than satellites
   Date :10-Jun-2021

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INDIAN scientists have found a promising technique for early detection of development or strengthening of tropical cyclones in the atmospheric column prior to satellite detection over ocean surface in northern Indian Ocean region. So far, remote sensing techniques have detected them the earliest. However, this detection was possible only after system developed as a well-marked low-pressure system over the warm ocean surface. The study was conducted with cases of four post-monsoon severe cyclones -- Phailin (2013), Vardah (2013), Gaja (2018), Madi (2013), and two pre-monsoon cyclones Mora (2017) and Aila (2009) that developed over northern Indian Ocean region.
Early detection of Tropical cyclones has wide socio-economic implications. A larger time gap between the detection and the impact of the cyclone could help preparation activities. Prior to the formation of cyclonic system over the warm oceanic environment, the initial atmospheric instability mechanism, as well as the vortex development, is triggered at higher atmospheric levels. These cyclonic eddies are prominent features in the vertical atmospheric column encompassing the disturbance environment with a potential to induce and develop into a well-marked cyclonic depression over the warm ocean surface, said Ministry of Science and Technology on Wednesday.