Mumbai innovator develops 3 robots to assist healthcare workers, patients amid COVID
   Date :11-Jun-2021

3 robots to assist health
A MUMBAI-BASED innovator Santosh Hulawale has developed three robots to assist healthcare workers and patients amid the ongoing pandemic. Santosh, with the help of his eight-member team, has developed a Multiple Service Robot (MSR), a Service Humanoid Robot (SHR), and a Disaster Management robot (DMR). According to the innovator, the robots have been developed completely in India. Santosh claimed that the MSR can be custom pre-programmed for any kind of health facility.
“If we want the robot to deliver a particular type of food or medicine to particular patients, we can feed the same in its programme. In fact, the robot does not need human intervention,” he said. Regarding the SHR, he said, “Basically, it is a humanoid robot, which can be used to give a more human-like experience to the patients. Apart from delivering food, water and medicines, it can interact with patients not only vocally but also physically.