‘SRFI wants India on world map’
   Date :14-Jun-2021

Dr Pradeep Khandre_1 
Sports Reporter :
SQUASH Rackets Federation of India (SRFI) wants to transform India into leading nation on world circuit, said Dr Pradeep Khandre on Sunday. Dr Khandre, who is President, The Maharashtra Squash Rackets Association was speaking to the participants of online webinar on ‘Karate and Sports Seminar for Physical and Spiritual Development of the Students’. The sessions are being organised by Karate Budokan International. Harish Choube is host of the event. Delivering his lecture during 58th session of the series, Dr Khandre said, “Over the last few years the Squash Rackets Federation of India (SRFI) has formalised a long-term development plan to transform India into one of the leading countries on the world circuit. A lot of effort has gone into nurturing and developing our juniors and we are delighted with our performances over the past decade.
The last few years have been the coming of age of Indian squash, with our players winning laurels at the international arena.” Dr Khandre gave brief history of the sport. “Squash has been played in India since the pre-war days. To a large extent it was introduced by the British forces that built squash courts in military cantonments and private clubs as an outlet for their sporting interests. In the early days squash had the following of a smattering few who were either from the forces, members of private clubs or children returning from studies abroad. It certainly fitted the name it was given at that time – a bourgeois sport. The Squash Rackets Federation of India (SRFI) was formed to oversee the promotion and development of the sport in India,” he informed. Explaining in detail about the sport, Dr Khandre, “Squash is played between two people (or four in doubles) in a box-like room. All that is needed is a squash racket (similar to a tennis racket but smaller head size) and a squash ball.
The squash ball is around 2 and a half inches in diameter and made from rubber. There are 5 different speeds of squash ball ranging from super slow (competition standard) to fast (more beginner standard). The ball is generally pretty low bouncing, especially the super slow balls, which make it tough to return the ball. There are many lines on a squash court. The first line is out line that runs across the top of the back wall and down the sides of the side wall. Any ball hitting outside this area is deemed out and a point is awarded to the opponent. A board runs along the bottom of the back wall which is technically the ‘net’. If the ball hits into the board then it is deemed a foul. Three feet above the board is the service line. The object of the game is hit the ball off the back wall until you manage to make your opponent fail in returning the ball. Every time you do so you will receive a point. Points make up sets, which in turn determine the winner of the match.” Disha Choube proposed a vote of thanks.