With unlock, migrant labourers flout rules
   Date :14-Jun-2021

migrant labourers_1 
By Rhythima Agrawal :
Amidst the declining cases of coronavirus in major cities of Madhya Pradesh, including Jabalpur, the State Government has issued a new set of guidelines to bring the life to normalcy. Besides, the Government has instructed the concerned officials to ensure that corona guidelines are followed strictly at public places. However, it seems that the senior officers of the Western Central Railway (WCR) are not serious about following corona protocols at Railway stations. After the initial phase of unlock, numerous migrant labourers started moving back to their work place to support their iesfamily. During the journey, migrant labourers are negligent in wearing face masks and maintaining physical distancing.
The Railway authorities too are looking relaxed in implementing the directions, as no official or Railway employee is seen at the Railway platforms who urge or direct migratory workers to apply face mask or maintain proper physical distancing. The lethargy of Railways may cause danger to the lives of migrant workers and other passengers. The Government’s efforts to save common public from the dreadful virus may also prove futile. It may be noted that the State Government has taken stringent measures like night curfews, Sunday lockdown, closure of educational institutions, swimming polls, gyms, cinema halls, gathering at marriage ceremony and funeral has been reduced to limited number of people. On the contrary, the WCR is not adhering to Covid-19 protocols. The careless attitude of the Railways is likely to put the lives of its passengers at risk.
There was no checking for Corona guidelines inside the railway station or passenger trains. As a result, migrant workers were seen without facemask inside the train. Moreover, social distancing has been violated because the trains are overcrowded and migrant labours are occupying every inch of space inside the train. ‘The Hitavada’ spoke to the concerned authorities in connection with the matter. WCR, Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO) Rahul Jaipuriar, said, “There has been an increase in the footfall of migrant workers from last 3-4 days. The rush is mostly from trains coming from UP and Bihar.”