3.5-year-old boy falls in borewell in Agra, rescued after 8-hr operation
   Date :15-Jun-2021

NDRF team with a child_1&
A 3.5-YEAR-OLD boy was rescued following an eight-hour operation after he fell into a 130-foot-deep borewell while playing in Dhariyai village here on Monday, police said. District Magistrate, Agra Prabhu N Singh told PTI that the boy is now under observation of a team of doctors. With the joint efforts of the Army, SDRF, NDRF and Civil Police, the boy was brought out safely in a rescue operation that lasted from 8.30 am to 4.35 pm, Agra Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Muniraj G said.
He said the borewell is located in the land belonging to the child’s family. “The borewell has been there for some six-seven years now but was opened temporarily as the family had started making a new borewell just a couple of days ago,” the district police chief told PTI. The child accidentally fell into the borewell while playing at around 7.30 am and was stuck at around 90-feet, officials said.