Markets become bustling spots as restrictions eased
   Date :02-Jun-2021

Markets rush_1  
Business Bureau :
City’s all main markets that wore a deserted look for more than two months because of the lockdown-like situation imposed on account of coronavirus, on Monday became bustling spots after the authorities eased restrictions. As the shops in markets including Itwari, Gandhibagh, Sitabuldi,. Gokulpdeth, Kamal Chowk, Jaripatka, Rameshwari, Manewada, Somalwada, Manish Nagar and Gittikhadan among others were opened, citizens were seen visiting these shopping areas. A sense of relief was reflecting on the faces of many shopkeepers while they were opening the shutters in the morning hours. On the other hand, excitement among the buyers was also palpable which gave a lively look to the markets and surrounding areas.
People wearing masks and maintaining social distancing were seen enjoying shopping which they missed for a quite long period. Some of the shopkeepers have marked spots for the customers in front of their shops to avoid violation of social distancing while many others were seen allowing entry to only one customer at a time. Buyers were also seen responding to the call and taking precautions. Ready-made garments, hosiery, footwear, utensils, stationery shops were the major attractions where a good number of people visited on the very first day of opening of markets. Apart from this, people were also seen waiting for their turn in front of two-wheeler repair shops and mobile stores. Significant number of buyers were spotted at the counters of whitegoods sellers especially for products like air-conditioners, air coolers and refrigerators. Naveen Sharma, one of the footwear sellers, told The Hitavada that it was a pleasant moment to see markets back in action. “After a long gap, we saw customers coming to our shop.
There was good demand for footwear and I think this trend will continue for the coming days,” he added. Ajit Karmarkar, a customer buying garments at one of the counters in Sitabuldi, said he was waiting to purchase T-shirts for the past two months. “The moment I came to know that the ready-made garment shops are going to open, I came here,” he said, adding that he is taking all safety measures to prevent COVID-19. Apart from this, queues of fuel consumers were also seen at various petrol pumps. Similarly, there was increased footfall in many ATMs.