Students to be trained as master trainers for public awareness: CM
   Date :02-Jun-2021

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 Chief Minister Shivraj Singh virtually addressing the cabinet members before meeting, on Tuesday.
Staff Reporter :
Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that it was due to the hard work and team work of members of Cabinet that coronavirus has come under control in the State. “Now, we are in a comfortable position. As a result of this, 1078 positive cases were reported yesterday, the positivity rate is now 1.5 per cent and 4 ,120 persons have recovered. The recovery rate has gone up to 96.36 per cent, which is satisfactory,” he said.
The Chief Minister said that process of unlocking has begun in a phased-wise manner in the State. Now, people have to be constantly inspired to adopt Covid-friendly behaviour. For this, students’ power of the State will have to come forward and contribute. College students, NSS and NCC cadets will be trained as master trainers and their services will be taken in public awareness campaigns. He was addressing ministers before meeting of Cabinet. He said, “There was not a single positive case in Alirajpur yesterday. Less than 10 cases have been reported in 36 districts of state. Our target was to reach the status of 0 per cent cases by 31st May. The fact that we have reached the single digit number of cases in 36 districts of State means that we have reached the target.
Only in Bhopal and Indore, the positivity rate is more than 5 per cent. Different strategies will be worked out in these two cities to bring down positivity rate.” He said that corona has to be locked. Therefore, an environment has to be created among the people to adopt Covid Appropriate Behaviour. To follow the Covid guideline, people will have to be inspired. He said that he himself will visit some districts to create an atmosphere in this direction. He said that all members of Council of Ministers should visit the districts under their charge.