WCR changes ICF passenger train coaches to LHB mode
   Date :04-Jun-2021

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Staff Reporter :
The Western Central railway (WCR) has decided to convert the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) coaches of passenger trains to Link Hoffman Bush (LHB) coaches. Till date, ICF coaches of 17 pairs of passenger trains have been converted to LHB coaches. Some major trains of the WCR such as Jabalpur-Somnath Express, Jabalpur-Nizamuddin Sampark Kranti Express, Habibganj-Nizamudddin Express, Habibganj-Jabalpur Janshatabdi Express and Kota-Nizamudin Janshatabdi Express are operating with LHB coaches.
The LHB coach has a maximum speed of 160km/hr whereas ICF coach has a maximum speed of 110 km/hr. The Mathura -Nagda section of Kota Division and Bina-Itarsi section of Bhopal Division are operating passenger trains with LHB coaches. The LHB coaches at Bhopal and Kota Division are plying with a maximum speed of 130km/hr. Due to presence of ‘anti-telescopic’ feature, the LHB coaches provide greater safety to passengers during accident. In comparison to ICF coach, LHB coach is larger by 1.7 meters. More number of passengers can be accommodated in LHB coaches. The LHB coaches are equipped with shock absorber technique.
The LHB coaches are lightweight, which aids in easy maintenance. The disc brakes in LHB coach can be applied in less time and at a less distance. The LHB coaches contain CBC couplings. The couplings provide strength to LHB coaches. The LHB coaches contain Controlled Discharged Toilet system and Bio-toilets. The air-conditioning system in LHB coaches can be controlled easily by microprocessors.