Shops start on left-right pattern after partial relaxation in city
   Date :05-Jun-2021

Shops start on left-right
After partial amendment in the order of exemptions given from Corona Curfew, all shops were opened on the basis of left-right pattern, on Friday. On opening of the market, Collector Karmeer Sharma has also made an appeal to the citizens.
The Collector in his message said markets have been opened today with ample relaxation. Now public movement would increase in the markets, hence everyone must ensure more patience, more discipline, more vigilance, more alertness, more awareness and more control. He said now covid-19 will not be just a matter of virus but an issue of behavior. Our conduct will save us from the virus.
Hence, the Collector has appealed citizens to apply mask, maintain proper physical distancing and wash hands at regular interval. It may be noed that after examining present conditions and considering the demand of shopkeepers and businessmen, the district administration on Thursday did some amendments in its prior released order. With new amendment, now business class people can open all type shops on left and right pattern. Apart from restricted activities, all shops now can be opened from Friday onwards. As per the order, from East to West direction, shops situated on left side have been allowed for business on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And shops situated on right side can be opened on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Likewise, from North to South direction, shops situated on left side would be opened on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Shops on right side would open on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. However, in the area where shops are situated only in one side, the shopkeepers can run their business on alternative day. All shops would be operated till 7 pm.