‘Hook, most common move in arm wrestling’
   Date :07-Jun-2021

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Principal Correspondent ;
“A HOOK is the most common move in arm wrestling and arm wrestlers should perfect this move with practice. An arm wrestler is probably familiar with the hook because it is the move that is used when arm wrestling is portrayed on TV. It is also considered an ‘inside’ move,” said Laxman Singh Bhandari, Asian and National gold medalist. Bhandari was speaking during the online Karate and Sports Seminar for Physical and Spiritual Development of Sportspersons organised by Karate Budokan International (Vidarbha Region) and hosted by Kyoshi Harish Choube, Black Belt 7th Dan, National Chief Instructor and Examiner, Karate Budokan International. Speaking about the inception of arm wrestling, Bhandari said, “Actual matches started in Gilardi’s saloon in Petaluma, CA in 1952.
“Bill Soberanes, a young journalist was founder of the organised sport. He was the inspiration for the annual Petaluma, then Northern California and then the California Arm Wrestling Championships. In 1962 Bill and Dave Devoto got together to form the World’s Wrist Wrestling Championship Inc and took it to one of Petaluma’s largest auditoriums. The event was tremendously successful and exciting things began to happen,” said Bhandari who is also the Technical Advisor of Indian Arm wrestling Federation. Bhandari also spoke about arm wrestling’s techniques and moves. He said there are many different moves in arm wrestling.
“The hook is the most common move in arm wrestling. An arm wrestler is probably familiar with the hook because it is the move that is used when arm wrestling is portrayed on TV. “It is considered an ‘inside’ move, meaning the player is trying to beat his opponent’s arm instead of his hand. To be successful in a hook, an arm wrestler should be stronger than his opponent. “The top roll is a great move to beat an opponent. If an arm wrestler wins with a top roll, he wins with leverage instead of brute strength. This is because the top roll is what is referred to as an ‘outside’ move” said Bhandari who is a senior referee of World and Asian Arm Wrestling Federation. Further explaining the moves and rules of arm wrestling, Bhandari said that the press move is one of the purest power move of the sport. “The press is one of the purest power moves in arm wrestling. Having a bulky upper body certainly helps with this one. If, however, the opponent is much stronger, using the press might be a bad idea. This move can be beaten by a quick top roll as it is vulnerable to strong, quick backpressure,” he said.
“The press is also a good move to use in a long tournament. Unlike the hook and top roll, which rely most heavily upon the biceps and forearms, the primary muscles used in the hook are the triceps, shoulders, and chest. Thus, a good way to give the biceps and forearms a rest during a long tournament is to throw in a press whenever possible,” Bhandari opined. Bhandari also explained the sitting position during a match. “When an arm wrestler walks up to the table, he should always sit with one foot more forward than the other. The foot that should be more forward should always be the one on the same side as the arm the arm wrestler is wrestling with. For instance, if the arm wrestler is right-handed, than he should position his right foot more forward than his left.” Renshi Karunkumar Tirpude proposed a vote of thanks.