Kuno Palpur may welcome African spotted cat by Dec 2021
   Date :07-Jun-2021

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By Ankita Garg :
As the Kuno Palpur National Park is set to welcome African Cheetah by the end of year 2021, construction of special enclosures has been started. District Forest Officer (DFO) P K Verma said that Wildlife Institute of India (WII) has found Kuno Palpur Park suitable for the spotted cat and Government has also given its direction for introduction of Cheetah. “We have started construction of enclosures and developing area where the cat will be kept for quarantine period. We hope to welcome the spotted cat by end of year 2021.” He further added that if all goes well, the African cat will be relocated to MP by December this year. He said, “The centre has already released schedule for this translocation. We are really anxious for welcoming the spotted cat,” added DFO P K Verma. He further informed that the Centre has done preparations to bring spotted cat to India.
The schedule includes rescuing Cheetah in Africa during the month of July and then it will be translocated to India during October and November. It is being expected that the cat will be released into the wild of Kunopalpur Park by the end of December 2021. The team has started preparing special enclosure in five sqkm of area where Cheetah will be enclosed for quarantine period of 15 days. After bringing from African countries, Cheetah will not be released into wild immediately while they will be kept in enclosure for health check up, adjustment in new climate and quarantine purpose. The Centre has given its consent to launch Cheetah project in Kunopalpur during November 2021. According to plan, in first step, 14 African cheetah will be brought to state.
Sources said for primary preparation in the park, center will be releasing 14 crores. NTCA has also released its guidelines to the park management that includes preparation of special enclosures in Kuno Palpur by August and amount will be sanctioned by NTCA for necessary arrangements by June end. A team from NTCA will be inspecting the preparation during month of July and then further training will be provided to the team. Permit for import border fee will be granted by July end.