District administration, cops seal 11 shops for violating guidelines
   Date :08-Jun-2021

shops in Adhartal_1 
Staff Reporter :
The district administration, in a joint drive with Police Department, on Monday, sealed as many as 11 shops, at Damoh Naka for violating unlock guidelines. Nayab Tehsildar, Adhartal Sandeep Jaiswal informed that during inspection they found that a number of shopkeepers have opened their shops, despite Monday was not the day for opening establishments of the side. He said the district administration has given conditional permission for running business and opening shops on left-right pattern. But, some shopkeepers are flouting the orders.
Hence, dealing strictly with the violators the administration has sealed 11 shops at Damoh Naka. Senior officials have registered case under section 188 against all guilty shopkeepers and also realized a fine of Rs 1000 from all 11 shopkeepers. Jaiswal said during the drive they sealed the shops including Mahesh Tyers, Shivlal Repairing shop Golden Tailors, Gangotri Hotel, Ramji Patidar Pump, Sahu Cycle Mart, Raju Electrical, Kavya Shoes, Vishwakarma Belding, Anish Kirana Store and Agrawal Traders. It may be noted that after examining present conditions and considering the demand of shopkeepers and businessmen, the district administration had on Thursday last did some amendments in its prior released order. Accordingly, it has allowed business class people to open all type shops on left and right pattern. As per the order, from East to West direction, shops situated on left side have been allowed for business on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
And shops situated on right side can be opened on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Likewise, from North to South direction, shops situated on left side would be opened on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Shops on right side would open on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. However, in the area where shops are situated only in one side, the shopkeepers can run their business on alternative day. All shops would be operated till 7 pm. Amongst the officials present on the occasion were Nayab Tehsildar Dilip Chourasia, Sub Inspector Shailendra Singh and others.