Self help is the best help
    Date :15-Jul-2021

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By Sukhleen Walia :
“Self help is the best help,” goes a saying. It is truly said that even ‘God helps those who help themselves’! It is only self-help that guarantees success. If you continue to sit idle and wait for someone to come and help you, you are greatly mistaken. No one likes to help those who do not rely on their own resources. Success comes to those who are confident of themselves. They maybe poor or weak, but they know that only their own efforts can enable them to overcome all difficulties and obstacles on the way to glory and success. Therefore, they do not sit idle. Someone has rightly said that if you go to a person for help, he may strike a bargain with you to his own advantage. Self help is the best in whatever field you are. When you start putting your efforts and do your best, others do watch you and come to your help unexpectedly. But if you do nothing, you are ignored even by your best well-wishers.
They feel that you do not deserve any help. Those who leave everything to God or Fate, they too are in for a stock. They may continue to chant God’s name thousands of times, God remains aloof and unhelpful. Therefore, one must depend on oneself to achieve anything in life. Help from others should not be expected or waited for. I, myself have experienced this in my life that waiting for others to help you is the biggest mistake. We should all be smart enough to help ourselves. Because of this, being dependent on others, I have lost a very important dance competition and once I started helping and choreographed myself I have been much more confident than I have ever been.
To be successful be independent not dependent on any family member or friends. There are many requirements and challenges in life our parents can’t fulfil all of them nor our friends will do that for us. If we all are independent we can plan and execute everything, we can do whatever we want to. Self - belief and self - reliance is an essential characteristic of a successful person. Therefore in order to be successful, one should rely on oneself and not expect others to help. n