Dinshaw’s launches Desi Cow Milk
    Date :16-Jul-2021

Dinshaws launches _1 
Business Bureau :
CENTRAL India’s trusted brand Dinshaw’s launches Desi Cow Milk. Procured from Sahiwal and Gir cows, the best indigenous dairy breeds in the country. Desi cow milk is a powerhouse of nutrients. Now, Dinshaw’s makes it available to consumers. For Desi Cow Milk, the company collects milk from only those farmers who nurture Sahiwal and Gir cows. On procurement, the milk is immediately tested for its quality and then pasteurised in its fully automated dairy plant. Untouched by human hands makes Dinshaw’s ‘Desi Cow Milk’ extremely hygienic and unadulterated, “The one thing we most desire from the milk we drink,” the company said. The natural goodness of cow milk in a trusted brand reassures its quality and safety standards.
Dinshaw’s Desi Cow Milk helps in improving ones overall strength, immunity, and memory. Its nine essential amino acids repair the damaged cells and tissues; building an immune system so strong it effectively fights infection to keep a person always healthy and active. The milk is also rich in proteins, calcium, and Vitamin B12. Dinshaw’s is hailed as the #1 dairy brand in Central India, earning the trust of people over the course of 88 years of its service. To know more about their latest launch, ask the milk retailer or call on toll-free number (M: 1800 120 9999) or email id: [email protected]