Karka Sankranti: The day to remember ancestors
   Date :16-Jul-2021

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By Rajendra Diwe :
When Sun enters in Karka Rashi (Cancer sign) the day is termed as Karka Sankranti. On July 16, Sun starts journey in southern direction. Thus, this day of Karka Sankranti is also considered as a start of Dakshinayana which is the period of six months. Kark Sankranti is also a sign of season change according to the calendar. This is an astronomical event, and this event occurs when the Sun enters Cancer. On July 16, Sun God will enter Dakshinayana from Uttarayan. Sun God has special importance in all the zodiac signs. In astrology, Sun God is considered to be the king of all zodiac signs.
The holy period of Karka Sankranti is from 5.41 am in the morning to 5.09 pm in the evening on July 16. The total duration is 11 hours 35 minutes. Karka Sankranti is the counterpart of Makar Sankranti and it is considered significant for charity activities. Lord Vishnu is worshipped on this day. Donating food and clothes on this day is extremely auspicious. Karka Sankranti marks the beginning of the monsoon season. Dakshinayana ends with Makar Sankranti. During the four months of Dakshinayana, people worship Lord Vishnu. It is a favourable time for Pitru tarpan as it provides the departed souls with some peace. The prime purpose of puja and fasting on Karka Sankranti is to get relief from all the bad aspects of the life. Vishnu temples Lord Varaha Swamy is worshipped on Karka Sankranti. Chaturmasam starting from Shravana to Karthika Masa falls during Dakshinayana. Chaturmasam is a four month celebration period. Lord Vishnu is worshipped during this period.
It is believed that one day in God’s life equals to a year in a human beings life. Hence, Dakshinayana marks the beginning of night time for the Gods. The period is considered auspicious as Pitru make their way to the Mother Earth during Dakshinayana. They then wait for their children to perform the ritual of Shradh. The ritual of Shradh has significance as it enables the soul to attain divine peace. Dakshinayana is considered to be the best time to perform Shradh and helps the departed soul becomes oneself with the creator till they attain a new life form. Along with Lord Vishnu, the Sun God is also worshipped for health and prosperity on Karka Sankranti.
Karka Sankranti Phalam
Good for traders and businessmen
Commodities cost would be normal
Brings wealth, prosperity
Good health for people, affinity among nations and increase in grain stocks
Karka Sankranti Punya Kaal Muhurta
n Karka Sankranti on Friday, July 16
n Karka Sankranti Punya Kala - 5.41 am to 5.09 pm
n Duration - 11 Hours 28 Mins
n Karka Sankranti Maha Punya Kala - 2.56 pm to 5.09 pm
n Duration - 02 Hours 13 Mins