Check corporate governance issues of co before investing
   Date :02-Jul-2021

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Business Bureau :
Highlighting the importance of investing in quality stocks, Bhushan Kanathe, founder of KR Market Gurukul said, “Always check for corporate governance issues of company before investing in its shares.” He was speaking at the weekly session organised by Vidarbha Management Association (VMA) on the topic ‘Decode the secrets to become an Atmanirbhar investor in stock market’. Kanathe who was an investment banker said that staying alert on corporate governance of any company will help more than reading its annual reports. When management of any company is strong it is ought to perform better. He further said, “Do not fall prey to blind trust.
Always go by logical reasoning to invest. If at all one is busy enough and cannot spare time to study stocks before investing then he or she should go for mutual funds. While investing in mutual funds do not invest at a go. Diversify your funds for better outcome. One should go for good advisors or financial consultants in case of any doubts while investing to avoid possible risks.” “Gold has been always a good investment. Gold and equity are generally inversely proportional. If gold grows then equity market returns are probably lower. Thus, calculated risks and keen eye on market is the mantra. Also understand and invest. Have complete knowledge of what is going to be your next step and its effect,” he said.