25-yr-old Ghosh attains rare feat by skydiving from 14,000 ft
   Date :24-Jul-2021

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INDRAJIT Ghosh, a 25-year-old from Raipur, became the first from Chhattisgarh to attain a rare feat when he skydived from 14,000 feet by jumping out of an aircraft 25 times to attain USPA (United States Parachute Association) A License from Dropzone Krutitcy in Ryazan Oblast, Russia.
The training was organised and executed by Skydive India this month.
Indrajit was trained by Ex-Indian Navy officer and skydiving instructor Rajesh Kumar, Russian Military, Belarus National Team and certified USPA instructors in an intensive course popularly known as AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) where the body quickly needs to adapt to the skydiving environment by jumping out of planes and use a wind tunnel to train.
Due to the pandemic, Indrajit had only 20 days Visa to complete his course and students skydivers like him were
not allowed to jump in bad weather.
Unfortunately for him, the weather was bad during the majority of his stay. So when the weather would be good he had to push himself to make five jumps with specific drills in a day to complete the course
on time.
“Some students would not be able to stand after two jumps as Free Fall brings immense Mental Fatigue. But I wanted to complete my course,” said Ghose.
To prepare himself for skydiving during a pandemic when the gymnasiums and clubs were closed, Indrajit used to workout at night after 11 pm in his society premises when the streets go completely empty.
He used High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and hyperextension training methods to prepare for the role for the past one year.
Ghosh has done bunjee jumping, river rafting, rappelling and half marathons in the past but says he never thought he would be able to become a certified skydiver.
He says, “It always has been my parents who never forced me to do anything which I do not like. They wanted me to be independent and motivated me to follow my passion. My friends are my backbone who would joke around with me during my gruesome AFF training when I would fall asleep on a chair in broad daylight due to extreme fatigue. Skydiving is just like a sport, like cricket. In cricket if you miss the ball you lose your wicket, in skydiving you lose your life, so nothing can be left to chance.”
Indrajit was Headboy and cricket champion of Ryan International Raipur, represented India in Asian Cricket Council in 2007 in Nepal and completed his 12th from Gyan Ganga. He did his engineering from SRM University Chennai, from where he got campus placement in Growisto.
He is currently working as a Senior Manager at Interactive Avenues and at both the workplaces he has been awarded for his excellence as Star Performer.
Indrajit’s job helped him fund his skydiving. He worked throughout the day and prepared for skydiving at night. Indrajit is now a USPA A License skydiver and can jump anywhere on the planet. Indrajit says he wants to promote young athletes and adventurers of Raipur to follow their dream.
“There will be a million hurdles. Be thirsty. Be patient. Be humble,” Indrajit signed off.