‘Roko Toko’ campaign: Judicial officers inform about constitutional rights
   Date :25-Jul-2021

Roko Toko campaign_1 
 Judicial Officer giving information to students.
Staff Reporter :
Under the aegis of District Legal Services Authority (DLSA), Durg, a special awareness campaign has been organized near Hindi Bhawan at Durg from July 19 to July 25. Meanwhile under the supervision of Chairman of the DLSA and District Judge, Rajesh Shrivastava, the citizens are being provided information related to law. Additional District Judges Anand Variyal and Bhanu Pratap Singh Tyagi informed the people that the law of the country is applicable on everyone. Right to freedom and equality is given in the constitution.
No one is above the law and everyone has been given freedom of expression. Meanwhile it has been given in the constitution that we must keep our environment clean but some among us throw garbage in polythene which are ultimately consumed by the cattle. The drainage system of the city gets filled with polythene and it becomes hard disposing the non bio degradable substances. The judicial officers further informed that under the Prevention of Insults to National Honor Act, 1971, disrespecting our national flag is punishable. Under section 2 of the act, imprisonment of 2 years can be awarded to people showing disrespect towards our national flag. Moreover, penalty can also be imposed under the National Honor Act, 1971. The officers said that hence the flags can be disposed systematically with dignity.