Many take part in essay, poster making on ‘COVID-19 Protection’ at VFJ
   Date :25-Jul-2021

Vehicle Factory Jabalpur
 Vehicle Factory Jabalpur GM Atul Gupta with winning candidates.
Staff Reporter :
A large number of children and employees enthusiastically participated in essay and poster making competition on the theme of ‘COVID-19 Protection’ at Vehicle Factory Jabalpur, on Friday. The competition was organized under the direction of VFJ, General Manager, Atul Gupta for creating public awareness about necessary precautions to check further spread of infectious disease in the estate area. Children and employees expressed their views through essays and posters in unique way for eliminating the pandemic through easy measures.
Outstanding candidates were honoured with attractive prizes at the hands of GM, Atul Gupta. Winning candidates of competitions include Sachin Kumar, SK Dubey, Mansoor Ali, Vaibhav Dubey, Satvik Dubey, Shraddha Dubey, Tanishq Naugariya, Ayush Kumar and Anshika Lalwani. On the occasion, Joint GM, Manoj Kumar Maurya, JWM, Shailendra Singh, Section Head, Rama Dixit, Junior Translation Officer, Manoj Kumar Sahu and others were specially present.