With rains, vegetables rates rises
   Date :25-Jul-2021

With rains vegetables rat
 A vegetable vendor selling vegetables in Bhopal.
Staff Reporter :
As rains have started to batter isolated parts of the State, supply of vegetables to cities from rural areas has been hit adversely. As there is less supply of vegetables, hence rates of vegetables has increased. In Bhopal, rate of maximum vegetables starts from Rs 40 to Rs 50 per kg. As rates of vegetables are on soaring path, common people, already suffering from less income in wake of corona pandemic, are finding themselves in piquant situation. To cope up with the situation, many people have started to buy vegetables in lesser quantity.
The worst hit is poor person as he thinks twice before purchasing vegetables due to their soared rates. Gradually, vegetables are going away from the reach of poor people. As far as middle class person is considered then he has tried to struck balance between soaring price of vegetables and his limited income. He is buying vegetables in lesser number to run the kitchen anyhow. The increased rates of petrol have already added burden on shoulders of common people and now the increased prices of vegetables have caused a big problem before them.
Lady finger is being sold at the rate of Rs 60 per kg. Sponge gourd is also a costly affair as its rates are hovering between Rs 40 per kg to Rs 60 per kg. Tomatoes, which were earlier being sold at the rate of Rs 20 per kg, are having the rate of Rs 40 per kg. Bitter gourd is having the rate of Rs 60 per kg. Potatoes are somewhere in the range of reasonable price. During rainfall season, supply of vegetables becomes less from villages and vegetable crop production also gets reduced. Hence rates of vegetables get increased during monsoon season.