Date :27-Jul-2021

SINCE last seven years a subtle but powerful change is being witnessed in leadership model in India. The change has been effected by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in such a simple manner that political community in the country could hardly believe what simplicity can offer in form of mass leadership. The monthly ‘Mann Ki Baat’ that Mr. Modi hosts on radio has now become a symbol of collective aspiration that a leader shares with the masses through a warm dialogue. The Prime Minister’s connect with masses has become such an endearing factor in Indian politics that the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ programme is being seen as a fine model of inclusiveness by many other countries. The programme is shorn of any glitzy paraphernalia that a political leader’s show generally requires. Mr. Modi touches subjects of everyday life, setting his agenda from the suggestions by common people and hails unsung heroes in the society who can serve as an inspiration. There is no politics but only a beautiful thought of Indianness, progress and growth. Whatever the political rivals may think of the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ dialogue, the Prime Minister has shown them why people are the most important factor in democracy.