Piplani cops seize smuggled liquor consignment worth Rs 11 lakh
   Date :14-Aug-2021

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The Piplani Police have seized a massive consignment of liquor being transported illegally, concealed inside a secret chamber in a container that was stopped during a vehicle checking drive on Friday morning. While checking the container, the police recovered 1,464 litres of English liquor kept inside 150 cartons, cost of which is estimated to be nearly 11 lakh. The container was designed especially to smuggle liquor. A chamber was made below the container’s cabin, inside which the liquor cartons were hidden. The truck has the registration number of Delhi, so the police suspect that the liquor was being smuggled from Delhi. When caught, truck driver-cleaners could not tell the police about the smugglers, as driver-cleaners were changed on each distance route. The police have arrested the driver and cleaner of the container.
SHO of Piplani Chain Singh Raghuvanshi told ‘The Hitavada’ that after receiving a tip-off on Friday morning that a container loaded with liquor was approaching towards Bhanpur, a team was deployed to Ayodhya Bypass road early in the morning. At around 6:30 am a container was stopped and checked. The cops found a secret chamber under the cabin of the container with lots of liquor cartons inside it.The driver of the container, identified as Brajesh Yadav, told the cops that the container was handed over to him at Mubarakpur Bypass Bhopal, and that they were taking it to Sagar. The cops have arrested the driver and cleaner and have also seized English liquor worth Rs 11,01,100.