White Lie & Dark Truth
   Date :14-Aug-2021

White Lie & Dark Truth_1&
l New Delhi, August 12 (IANS): Condemning the Opposition’s ‘behaviour’ in the just-concluded Monsoon Session of the Parliament, the Government, on Thursday, demanded the Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha to take strictest possible action against the unruly members of Opposition, who should apologise to the nation for their conduct.
l New Delhi, August 12 (PTI): Vice President and Rajya Sabha Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, on Thursday, expressed deep concern over the ‘disruptive behaviour’ of some parliamentarians during the just-concluded Monsoon Session, and felt that such actions should not be repeated.
l New Delhi, August 12 (PTI): Leaders of 11 Opposition parties, on Thursday, accused the Government of deliberately derailing Parliament and alleged that that the Opposition MPs including women members were manhandled by outsiders who were not part of Parliamentary Security.
l New Delhi, August 12 (ANI): Despite Opposition members alleging an attack by Rajya Sabha security personnel on Wednesday, CCTV footage of the ruckus emerged on Thursday showing Opposition MPs jostling with marshals in the Upper House.
THE nation is shocked by the terrible spectacle of how the Opposition parties are indulging in telling white lies about what happened in Rajya Sabha in particular on August 11, 2021, when photographic evidence shows beyond any shade of doubt that some of their members indulged in gross misconduct which included climbing onto officials’ table, shouting slogans, jostling with security personnel including women marshals. The nation has seen the dark truth emerging from Closed-Circuit Television footage of the ugly incidents -- and knows by now the terrible details of the Opposition’s shameless white lies and deliberate cantankerousness.
Of course, the nation has also seen how the Opposition has been refusing to join discussion on the floor of Parliament’s both Houses on all issues -- and has felt shocked by that obstinacy.
It would be only appropriate to bring forth the Opposition’s white lies as against the dark truth of its own unruly and unparliamentary conduct:
White Lie Number One:
The Government has derailed Parliament by stonewalling dialogue.
Dark Truth: The Opposition blocked normal proceedings of Parliament by shouting slogans, snatching papers from ministers’ hands, threatening the person charing sessions, climbed onto the top of official’s tables and danced there, and claiming that they could resort to such behaviour a hundred times.
White Lie Number Two:
The Government hired outsiders slyly and sneaked them into security personnel to attack Opposition members, including women.
Dark Truth: CCTV footage shows clearly that even male members of Opposition helped their women colleagues to push and pull women marshals -- who received physical injuries and had to be taken to doctors for treatment. A woman marshal has also lodged a complaint with Parliament Police as regards the physical assault on her by women MPs aided by men members.
Parliament officials have also maintained firmly that no outsiders were ever deployed as security personnel in the Rajya Sabha.
There are several such instances of the Opposition’s white lies and the dark truth exposing their fakeness. Each of those instances proves beyond doubt that the Opposition has no respect for parliamentary procedures and practices. Solid evidence, too, is available to show how it is the Opposition that derailed Parliament and not the Government. Enough evidence is available to show how the Opposition operated a dirty ‘tool-kit’ to derail not just Parliament but also the Government.
Unmindful of the dark truth exposing them , the Opposition parties have been pushing an absolutely fake narrative of how the Government led by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has been acting against national interest. As part of that narrative of falsehood, the Opposition targeted the Capital’s Central Vista Project on absolutely non-existent points blaming it as an uncalled for expenditure on the Prime Minister’s palatial house. The new farm laws and subsequently the Pegasus snooping issue, too, were used as points of deadlock -- all boiling down to be white lies, as against the dark truth of their resolve to block the Government at every step, on every issue, no matter the facts that are diametrically opposite of what the Opposition states, no matter all the improprieties indulged in by the Opposition.
Whatever may be the trauma of the situation that evolved in Parliament’s Monsoon Session, the nation must thank its stars for exposing the dirty designs of the Opposition. We must feel obliged that the Opposition has brought to fore its dark side well in advance so that we all can decide to shun it in all the next elections.
This, however, is not a political propaganda. This is a word of caution that the people must be doubly careful about who they vote for so that the nation’s reins remain in proper hands that care for the dignity and decorum of all the institutions of democracy.
In the past two and a half years, the Opposition has made it clear again and again that it is fully unsuitable to serve a democratic purpose. Its overall conduct in general in the past seven years and during the just-concluded Monsoon Session of Parliament in particular has proved that it lacks a democratic soul and an agenda for people’s genuine good. Such a segment of the political community needs to be banished from popular thought. India needs politics of development and growth and forward dynamics in tune with principles enshrined in our Constitution.