Date :19-Aug-2021

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PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s interaction with the Indian contingent headed for the Tokyo Paralympics was another heart-warming gesture from the head of the family caring for every member. Mr. Modi’s encouragement for the athletes would go a long way in boosting their morale as the PM was clear in his message that “New India will not pressure our athletes to win the medal. You just need to give your 100 per cent”. These words carry untold amount of love and warmth that every sportsperson craves for from the society. It was a massive backing for the paralympians for the manner in which the PM ushered them into a safety zone by telling them to give their best while not thinking about the end result. Such kind of assurance works wonders with sportspersons as it takes care of the back-breaking burden of expectations that people usually have from them. When a head of the family comforts an anxious member before an examination, the gesture goes a long way in cooling down frayed nerves. The PM has taken it upon himself to encourage sportspersons notwithstanding their success or failure. It underlines the caring nature of the leader who is for the masses.
TALIBAN’S coup in Afghanistan has left the world in shock and the local populace in total disarray. As the activists, progressive thinkers and intelligentsia fear for their future under the fresh Taliban rule, Afghanistan’s sportspersons, too, stare at the prospect of shunning their trade. Top cricketing stars like Rashid Khan and Mohd Nabi have already voiced their concern about the restrictions likely to be imposed on sports under the strict regime. More pathetic is the condition of the women sportspersons in Afghanistan. The distress calls being made by the women footballers bear testimony of the bleak future sports is heading towards under the ‘Islamic Emirate’ proposed by the Taliban. Given the abhorrence the Taliban hold for women’s freedom, the football team is likely to face severe punishment under the Taliban rule. Footballer Khalida Popal has spoken the anxiety among the women players as she sought the international community to intervene quickly and find a way out to uphold women’s rights in Afghanistan. It is easier said than done, for, the world has already seen how a power like the United States can abandon its allies in the midst of a crisis.