Desperate Afghan moms throw babies towards British soldiers over razor wire
   Date :20-Aug-2021

Afghan moms throw babies_
KABUL airport has become a picture of chaos and desperation after the fall of Afghanistan into the hands of the Taliban. As per the reports of Sky News, in a heartbreaking incident, desperate Afghan women were seen throwing their babies over the razor wire of the Kabul airport compound. A senior British officer told Stuart Ramsay from Sky News that they can hear the sound of shouting, the noise of desperation as thousands of people are flooding towards Kabul airport that will, for some, be the gateway to freedom - and for many others, the end of a dream of escaping the Taliban. “It was terrible, women were throwing their babies over the razor wire, asking British soldiers to take them, some got caught in the wire,” he told Ramsay.
The report of Sky News narrated that day and night families - often with children - have risked their lives, ducking past gunfire at the gates of the civilian side of the airport; passing aggressive Taliban, who beat, harass them. On either side of a narrow road, inside the walls of the compound at Kabul airport, exhausted British soldiers lie in the shade waiting for their turn to head back outside into the chaos once again. As every day passes, the relief operation gets more and more urgent and desperate, as the British military tries to move thousands of people out of Afghanistan in just days. It’s a humanitarian mission in what feels like a war zone, the Taliban are just one metre away from the British soldiers, reported Sky News.