Date :28-Aug-2021

INDIA’S homegrown microblogging site Koo has taken a giant leap in popularity within 16 months of its launch by clocking a user base of one crore. As the company eyes the 10-crore mark in the next one year, it has made a significant statement on behalf of indigenous platforms as regards to quality and class. Primary reason for acceptance of Koo is the rigidity adopted by its much-bigger international rival Twitter which has entered a legal and political confrontation with the Government of India over a few necessary requirements.
Twitter’s reluctance to adhere to the Indian IT laws has not gone down well in its Indian users who have swiftly moved on to the Koo platform. This switch can be seen as an indicator of the general mood where national interest always precedes commercial considerations. The Koo app fully complies to the law of the land, a fact that has been hailed by the Indian social media using community. With the introduction of new features and option of multiple languages for users, the Koo site is set to make further inroads into the vast untapped market of India. This development should serve as a big inspiration for IT start-ups that are seeking a new opening through the ‘Make in India’ programme.