Date :28-Aug-2021

INDIA’S Tokyo Olympics gold medal-winning athlete Neeraj Chopra has proved he is a hero in real sense by trashing elements who were trying to further their vested interests by using his media statement on fellow Pakistan javelin thrower Arshad Nadeem. In a recent interview, Chopra said that Nadeem had taken his javelin for practice just before his first throw in the finals but he asked it back and completed the throw.
The usual culprits showing allegiance to extreme ideologies in the political spectrum picked up the statement to roast Nadeem with a clear aim of pushing their own dirty agenda. Nobody bothered to check the rules of the game or the spirit that prevails in a sporting field. Chopra has to come out with a video telling such people to stop using him to push their propaganda. It was a loud and clear message to the extremist elements on both sides of the debate to keep sports and sportsmanship away from their tinted political views. The episode is very disturbing for the great achiever as well as the general society which is frequently being subjected to dirty vitriol by agenda-pushers through various mediums. This divide in thinking is very appalling and absolutely unnecessary.