Plight of roads post-monsoon inflicts torture on Bhopalites
    Date :30-Aug-2021

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 Water has accumulated on the worn-out roads in Nariyalkheda area of the state capital amid monsoon.
Staff Reporter :
Monsoon is on the brink of wrapping up its course in the city, post which the downpours in Bhopal have rendered the roads in tatters. To make matters worse, water-logging has posed a major threat to the commuters on roads which are teeming with pits and potholes. The roads in Bhopal face aforesaid plight for almost the entire year, excluding a month or two when the road repair work is underway. Following the shoddily repaired roads, they revert to the ramshackled condition. Many a local has expressed resentment over the pathetic condition of roads while talking to ‘The Hitavada’. Altaf Qureshi, resident of Nariyalkheda said, “The roads in Nariyalkheda are constructed every year and return to being in ribbons when the monsoon knocks.
There is a plethora of potholes on the road and when they are water-logged, one cannot determine whether their vehicle will avert the potholes or plunge into them. People land into arguments frequently when the road incurs a traffic jam. We have written to the competent authority regarding this on Independence Day, only to receive no response.” Similar ordeal has been depicted by Parag Chouksey, resident of Hoshangabad road, who quotes, “It is none less than a heroic task to ride your vehicle through the slimy and muddy roads of my locality during monsoons, as they can skid anywhere midway. Since the Chief Minister has scrapped CPA, the road construction works should ramp up to ensure the safety of commuters, especially women and teenagers.”
Amir Mateen, an IT employee residing in Idgah Hills, states, “Idgah Hills main road is in egregious condition as deep potholes result in a bumpy ride. The saga of roads remains disastrous after monsoon spells every year. Car drivers whizz through the roads’ potholes which often results in water splashing on the two-wheeler riders. Apart from roads, the footpaths of the road are also in flames, citing which both the motorists as well as pedestrians encounter troubles. Bhopal Municipal Corporation must take cognisance of the run-down condition of roads and ensure proper build quality so that the upper crust of roads does not undergo wear and tear.”